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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

General Subject Characteristics

Author(year) Participants Comparison Main Outcome (scale)

Experiment Other group
Jun (2015) N=17 None None Balance system
GAITRite system

Lee (2009) N=10 N=10 Spiral taping Biodex Balance System

Park (2005) N=14 None None EMG(ME100B,Biopac System)
Cybex test

Lee et al.(2010) N=20 None None Biodex Balance System

Lee et al.(2008) N=23 None None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Lee (2008) N=15 None None Biodex pro system3

Lee (2017) N=31 N=32 None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Kwon et al.(2020) N=15 N=15 Dynamic taping Wii Balance Board, Functional reach test, Star excursion balance test

Joo et al.(2019) N=15 N=15 Ankle muscle Timed up and go test

Park (2005) N=15 None None Biodex system Ⅲ

Kim et al. (2009) N=10 N=10 N=10 Strength exercise Dynamic Balance System

Oh & Lee (2019) N=20 None None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)
Myosystem TM DTS

Park et al. (2010) N=15 N=15 N=15 None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Kim (2015) N=32 None None Algometer, Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Kang (2011) N=20 None Compression stocking Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Kim (2017) N=15 None None TKK-5402

Seo et al. (2012) N=10 N=10 None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Cho et al. (2012) N=10 N=10 N=10 Non-elastic Taping MatScan

Lee (2016) N=25 None None Wii Balance Board

Yu & Lee (2018) N=13 N=13 N=13 Static stretching, Ultrasound Space Balance 3D

Kim (2013) N=7 None None CSMI medical solution

Yeo et al.(2008) N=33 None Wrist supporter dynamometer

Yang & Lee (2006) N=25 None None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Suk et al. (2013) N=10 N=10 N=9 Pilates TAKEI PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST

Lee et al. (2006) N=20 None Elbow band, Sports taping, McConnel taping Hand Dynamometer

Lee et al. (2010) N=16 N=12 None Baseline Pneumatic Squeeze Dynamometer

Lee & Jung (2005) N=10 N=10 None Pressure Algometer

Kim & Yoon (2019) N=15 N=17 N=15 Himo training, Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Lee (2005) N=7 N=7 N=7 Training group/control croup Biodex system3 (dynamometer)

Jung (2011) N=10 N=10 N=10 None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Lee & Kwon (2011) N=40 None None Back-D(Japan)

Jeon (2015) N=20 None None Cybex

Lee et al. (2000) N=20 N=20 None Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Choi (2018) N=12 N=12 None O’Connor formula (1RM)
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