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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Standard Deviation (SD) of the Different Interventions During Static standing with a Barefoot State at Pre-taping, elastic Tape, and Non-elastic Tape

Barefoot KT CT f p
L (mm) 11.44 ± .17bc 10.97 ± .19ac 10.47 ± .19ab 39.346 .000***
A (mm) 4.10 ± .16c 3.98 ± .18c 3.43 ± .15ab 34.066 .000***

ρ < .05, all values are mean ± standard deviation (SD). L (Line drawn along the medial border of footprint), A (smallest distance between the medial and lateral border of footprint), KT: Kinesio taping (elastic taping), CT: C taping (non-elastic taping), aStatistically different from Bare foot, bStatistically different from KT, cStatistically different from CT

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