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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Results of Repeated Measure Two-way ANOVA for Lower Extremity Muscles EMG According to the Changes in knee Angle and Weight Shifting of the Sole

muscle knee angle foot condition Source p-value

RF 90° 7.84±3.86 10.10±4.38a 10.29±4.38a knee flexion .271
weight-shifting .001*
60° 7.96±2.41 8.86±2.42a 9.76±3.4a knee flexion .100
x weight-shifting

VMO 90° 18.73±9.96 25.43±10.48a 27.30±14.21a knee flexion .700
weight-shifting .010*
60° 19.71±9.71 23.96±10.92a 25.44±11.96a knee flexion .576
x weight-shifting

VL 90° 12.32±4.19 17.97±5.26a 20.96±8.28a knee flexion .596
weight-shifting .000*
60° 13.43±7.77 16.34±9.7a 18.83±9.02a knee flexion .117
x weight-shifting

BF 90° 21.06±12.15bc 36.32±21.04ac 51.75±31.79ab knee flexion .000*
weight-shifting .000*
60° 38.02±18bc 49.94±26.9ac 57.75±29ab knee flexion .049*
x weight-shifting

Mean ± Standard deviation (%MVIC), RF: rectus femoris, VMO: vastus medialis oblique, VL: vastus lateralis, BF: biceps femoris Knee angle: Knee flexion 90˚, Knee flexion 60˚, Weight-shifting: GB- general Bridge, HPB- Hind-foot Press Bridge, FPB- Fore-foot Press Bridge

Weight-shifting: GB- general bridge, HPB- hindfoot press bridge, FPB- fore-foot press bridge, †Statistically significant at knee flexion (p < .05)

a,b,cSignificant difference with GB, HPB, FPB (p < .05), *: Statistically significant at the level of p < .05.

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