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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Exercise program

Classfication Exercise composition Number of exercises
Warm-up and cool-down Wrist/Ankle rotation, Neck rotation, Shoulder rotation, Hip rotation, Knee rotation 4 times, 1 set
Anterior thigh extension using a chair, Tiptoe exercise 8 times, 1 set

Main exercise Ankle exercise with thera-band(anterior, left, right) 2 sets of 10 seconds each
Shoulder exercise with thera-band (flexion, abduction, external rotation) 3 times, 2 sets
Walking forward/backward/sideway, Staggered walking, Tendem walking 2 sets of 3 steps each
Walking with abdominal press using pilates ring 2 sets of 3 steps each
Quadriceps setting exercise 2 sets of 5 times on each side
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