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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Category of Screening Test

Screening Area Tested Test
Flexibility Hamstring Muscles Passive Knee Extension Test

Calf Muscles Passive Ankle Dorsiflexion Test

Anterior Hip Muscles Modified Thomas Test

Shoulder Rotator Muscles Modified Apley’s Test

Functional Strength Hip and Knee Extension Muscles Sit to Stand Test

Abdominal Muscles Partial Sit-Up Test

Hand Grip Hand Grip Dynamometry

Shoulder and Scapular Muscles Seated Push-Up Test

Balance Dynamic Balance Tandem or Modified Tandem Stance

Static Balance Single Leg Stance- Eyes Open

Static Balance Single Leg Stance- Eyes Closed

Dynamic Balance Timed Up and Go Test

Dynamic Balance Seated Forward Functional Reach*

Dynamic Balance Seated Lateral Functional Reach*

Aerobic General Submaximal Aerobic Fitness 2-Minute Step in Place Test

5-Minute Wheel Test*

*Only for those athletes in wheelchairs.

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