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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Type of Exercise Education program

Screening Type of Exercise Guidance
Flexibility Hamstring Stretch Repeat __ times on:
- Unilateral hamstring stretching in long sitting and supine Calf Stretch ____ Left side
- Gastrocnemius and Soleus stretch on wall ____ Right side
- Calf stretch in long sitting/ Towel calf stretch Hip Stretch Count to __ for each stretch
- Quadriceps stretch and hip stretch in standing or side lying
- Hip flexor stretch in half-kneeling
- Hip external rotator and abductor stretch in long sitting Shoulder Stretch
- Hand Behind Back Stretch with a Towel
- Overhead Triceps Stretch
- Wall Angels

Strengthening Lower Extremity Resistance Repeat __ times EACH DAY
- Wall Squats
- Resistance Band Squat
- Walking up Stairs
- Quadruped with Leg Lift
Upper Extremity Resistance
- Knee Push-Ups
- Push-Up Plus
- Wheelchair Push-Up
Abdomen Resistance
- Curl-Up
- Oblique Crunch
- Raised Leg Crunch
Hand Grip Resistance
- Towel Squeeze

Balance - Single Leg Stand with eyes open and closed
- Standing Heel Raises
- Standing Toe Raises
- Heel Raises
- Heel to Toe Walking
- Tandem Standing

Aerobic fitness Walk, Hike, Bicycle, Dance, Wheelchair Jog 30-60 minutes at least 4 days each week
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