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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Protocols for Schroth exercise program thoracic type and lumbar type

Warm up
Rice bag Group Exercise
5(sets) × 6(reps)

Schroth Exercise Program
Conscious WalkingSchroth Walking
4 × Distance about 10m4 × Distance about 10m

Thoracic type Exercise program
Shoulder counter traction in proneShoulder counter traction in sitting
4(sets) × 6(reps);break time 60-90s

Lumbar type Exercise program
50 x GymballHip flexion in side lyingHip flexion under ball
4(sets) × 10(reps); break time 60s
5(sets) × 8(reps); break time 90s
3(sets) × 5(reps); break time 90s

Cool downStatic stretching
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