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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Outcomes of ANCOVA in the Post Intervention

SAO (n=10)OAO (n=10)TWT (n=10)p
velocity (cm/sec)49.93±3.7451.65±3.8455.46±4.28.629
cadence (steps/min)81.74±2.0983.89±2.1979.59±2.39.425
single support (%).35±.02.36±.02.39±.02.310
double support (%).48±.06.47±.06.58±.07.454
step length (cm)39.81±2.1639.08±34.5039.22±2.48.969
stride length (cm)67.36±2.4369.47±2.5267.87±2.74.832
BOS (cm2)16.67±.9415.76±.9715.14±1.05.555

10MWT (sec)19.41±1.7319.61±1.7318.86±1.96.959
TUG (sec)21.09±1.8222.94±1.8723.82±2.07.600

SAO: Self-action observation group

OAO: Other-action observation group

TWT: Treadmill walking training group

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