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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

EMG Activation of Infraspinatus, Middle Deltoid, Posterior Deltoid, Upper Trapezius, Pectoralis Major According to Three Shoulder Adduction Pressure Intensities (n=16)

0 mmHg20 mmHg40 mmHgFp
Middle deltoid32.642±20.01529.442±18.62225.352±16.4938.911.004*
Posterior deltoid35.541±26.25232.422±24.54327.193±16.9325.892.011*
Upper trapezius44.161±29.32143.333±28.73440.941±20.341.293.752
Pectoralis major43.462±32.60143.263±31.46243.062±29.394.112.901


p<.05, Unit : %MVIC

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