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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Demographic Characteristics of the Subjects in Each Group (N=81)

CharacteristicSensorimotor training group (STG, n1=27)Therapeutic stretching group (TSG, n2=27)Home exercise group (HEG, n3=27)χ2/F (p-Valueb)
Age (Years)22.981±3.95224.911±2.10325.772±3.262-1.871 (.292)
Weight (kg)66.353±7.10162.954±6.29163.181±6.990-1.416 (.554)
Height (cm)163.912±4.293162.751±2.912163.450±3.821-2.477 (.095)
Pain duration (Months)10.292±4.19211.910±5.0119.814±4.341-1.751 (.443)
Average pain (NRS 0-10)5.911±2.1075.091±1.9834.781±1.744-2.183 (.121)
Gender (Male/Female)12/15a14/1312/15.955 (.878)

Values are the mean±standard deviation.

Values are numbers.

Inter-group comparison. NRS: Numeric rating scale.

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