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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

General Characteristics of the Participants (n=20)

Experimental group (n=10)Control group (n=10)p
Sex (male/female)6/44/6
Paretic side (right/left)4/63/7
Age (years)59.800 (8.052)*59.500 (7.771).760
Onset (month)2.900 (1.522)3.000 (1.885).573
MVPTa (score)7.200 (1.696)7.000 (1.493).581
MMSE-Kb (score)25.000 (1.151)26.600 (1.430).120

Values are presented as mean (standard deviation)

MVPT: motor free visual perception test

MMSE-K: mini-mental status examination-Korean version.

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