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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Comparison of Pain, Muscle Tone, and Muscle Stiffness within the Groups


EGPain (scores)5.526±1.3893.473±1.1729.818.000*
LMT (Hz)15.695±2.42514.321±2.0794.604.000*
LMS (N/m)309.631±74.823286.263±3 80.502.228.039*
TMT (Hz)19.705±3.26717.984±2.5324.536.000*
TMS (N/m)388.000±94.056350.000±77.1013.283.004*

CGPain (scores)5.667±1.1373.611±1.4606.265.000*
LMT (Hz)15.016±2.68714.694±2.6251.878.078
LMS (N/m)283.388±95.625269.611±86.9591.349.195
TMT (Hz)18.583±2.30717.272±2.2253.888.001*
TMS (N/m)369.833±65.172332.000±69.9163.769.002*


EG: crocodile breathing exercise group, CG; thorax breathing exercise group

LMT: lumbar muscle tone, LMS: lumbar muscle stiffness, TMT: thorax muscle tone

TMS: thorax muscle stiffness

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