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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Comparison of the Changes in the Physical Characteristics According to the Periods (n=22)

PrePost-4 weeksPost-8 weeksFp-Value
Weight (kg)66.342±12.71466.053±12.70266.283±12.9641.115.338
Body Mass Index (kg/m2)26.263±3.91226.141±3.90326.242±4.0031.309.280
Waist-Hip Ratio.902±.043.891±.042a.892±.043a14.260.000**
Waist circumference (cm)91.151±10.39289.702±10.273a89.074±9.571a32.777.000**

Values are presented as mean±SD, *p<.05,


Significant difference compared with before intervention (p<.05).

bSignificant difference compared with after 4 weeks (p<.05).

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