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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison of Vertebrae Angle According to Sitting Posture

Correct Sitting Posture (deg)Crossed Leg Posture (deg)p
Thoracic Flexion-6.90±7.25a-12.54±7.96.000*
Thoracic Lateral-1.05±3.81-.77±3.63.580
Thoracic Axial-.86±10.53-.92±5.21.977
Lumbar Flexion20.95±13.3132.08±13.89.001*
Lumbar Lateral2.66±3.792.50±3.68.842
Lumbar Axial1.79±9.90-.95±3.13.154


p<.05, (+)value=flexion, (-)value=extension

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