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Awareness of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Program after Breast Cancer Surgery in Healthy Korean Women
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2018;13(1):39-47
Published online February 28, 2018;
© 2018 Korean Society of Physical Medicine.

Yu-Mi Kim, PhD. PT⋅Hyo-Lyun Rho, PhD. PT

Dept. of Physical Therapy, Kangwon National University
Received October 9, 2017; Revised October 13, 2017; Accepted November 22, 2017.
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
PURPOSE: The purpose this study was to investigate the awareness of physical therapy as one of rehabilitation interventions for post-operative women with breast cancer in healthy Korean women.
METHODS: This study recruited 223 adult women aged 20 and older who never had breast cancer but received physical therapy. This study used a structured questionnaire consisting of 13 items in 3 fields designed to focus on socio-demographic characteristics, breast cancer experience of friends or family, and awareness of physical therapy as one of methods to improve rehabilitation of patients following breast cancer surgery.
RESULTS: Among respondents who completed the survey, 62.8% were interested in breast cancer. However, 78.1% had never heard of physical therapy as a rehabilitation intervention for post-operative women with breast cancer. 44.4% believed that physical therapy is necessary after breast cancer surgery. 69.5% of the respondents were willing to participate in a physical therapy rehabilitation program if there were diagnosed with breast cancer, and 59.2% believed that the participation in this program would be beneficial. 42.9% acquired some information that physical therapy is one type of rehabilitation to improve physical condition for women with breast cancer from the Internet or television. In addition, education level affected interest and awareness of physical therapy for breast cancer. Awareness about breast cancer and physical therapy were higher among well-educated respondents.
CONCLUSION: This study suggests that a physical therapy rehabilitation program is specifically developed, and correct information on it is provided to improve health condition in women following breast cancer surgery.
Keywords : Awareness of physical therapy, Breast cancer, Korea

February 2018, 13 (1)
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