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J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:1-95
Research Articles
Effects of the Abduction Resistance of the Hip Joint during Bridge Exercise in P atients with C hronic B ack Pain: A Cross-O ver Study
Dong-Hyun Kim, PT, MSㆍKyu-Ryeong Kim, PT, MSㆍ Chang-Hwan Bae, PT, PhDㆍMyoung-Kwon Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:1-10
Comparison of Hand Grip Strength, Dexterity, and Hand Function According to the Type of Glove
Hyo-Lyun Ro , PT
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:11-21
The Effects of Maintained Muscle Contraction of Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Muscles on 3D Pelvic Stability in Individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain During Gait
Min YuㆍYu-Ri ChoiㆍJeong-Eun ChoiㆍSeong-Yeon JeonㆍYong-Wook Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:23-30
Effects of Postural Control Training Using a Visual Blind Board on Head Control, Trunk Control, and the Sitting Abilities of Children with Moderate to Severe Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study
Kun-Woo Kim, PTㆍMin-Goo Lee, MD, PhDㆍSuk-Chan Hahm , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:31-40
Changes in Clinical Practice Satisfaction of Healthcare Students Before and After COVID-19
Seung Namkoong, PhDㆍHyo-Lyun Ro , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:41-50
Analysis of the Correlation Between Executive Function and Obstacle Gait Evaluation for the Elderly
Seung-Min Lee, PTㆍHan-Suk Lee , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:51-58
The Effect of Task Gait Exercise Combined with Self-observation Training on Leg Muscle Activity and Gait in Stroke Patients
Jeong-Il Kang, PT, PhDㆍSeung-Yun Baek , PT, PhDㆍDae-Keun Jeong, PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:59-67
The Effect of Ankle Strengthening Exercises Using a Bosu® Ball on the Hallux Valgus Angle, Rear Foot Angle, Balance, and Pain of Hallux Valgus Patients in Their 20s
JARGALSAIKHAN SAIKHANZUL, MD, MSㆍBeom-Cheol Jeong, PT, Ph.DㆍKyung-Tae Yoo , PT, Ph.D
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:69-77
The Effects of Passive Stretching of the Iliopsoas Muscles on Pulmonary Function
Dong-Wook Han , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:79-86
The Effects of Functional Group Cooking Activities on the Interpersonal Relationships and Depression of Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Seung-il Song, OT, Ph.D.ㆍHyeon-Taek Hong, OT, BSㆍHwan Kim , OT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2022;17:87-95
Journal of The Korean Society of Physical Medicine (KSPM) publishes critical information regarding on the physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Journal contains original article, case report related to clinical, translational, and basic science research. It was launched in 2006.......
Han Suk Lee
Eulji Uviversity
The Effect of Trunk Stability Exercise on Balance and Gait in Stroke Patients
Ju-min Song, PT, PhD, Soo-min Kim, PT, PhD
The Analysis of severity of forward head posture with observation and photographic method
Han-suk Lee, PT, PhD⋅Hyung-kuk Chung, PT, PhD⋅Sun-wook Park, PT, M.S
Received June 28, 2015; Accepted July 20, 2015.
Inter-rater?absolute Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Tinetti-gait Scale (Korean version) in Stroke Patients
Seung-Heon An, PT, PhD, Dong-Geon Lee, PT, BS, Yun-Bok Lee, RN, PhD, Gyu-Chang Lee, PT, PhD
Received February 17, 2014; Accepted May 13, 2014.