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J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:1-164
Research Articles
How Does 12-weeks of Taekwondo Training Effect Older Persons' Functional Fitness: A Preliminary Study
Daniel Sullivan ㆍMike ClimsteinㆍBen ExtonㆍLuke Delvecchio
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:1-10
Effects of Lumbar Stabilization Exercises Using a Pilates Reformer on Pain, Function, and Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain
Yeon-An Jeon, PT, MSㆍYing-Ying Tang, PT, MS,ㆍZhe Cui, PT, MSㆍYongbum Jung, PT, MS,ㆍMyoung-Kwon Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:11-22
Analysis of Risk Factors for COPD Incidence in Adults Over 40 Years of Age in Korea
Do-Youn Lee , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:23-30
Distribution Dynamics and Proposed Determinants: Exploring Morphological, Clinical Laboratory, and Lifestyle Factors in the Coexistence of Age-Related Skeletal Muscle Mass L oss and Obesity among Y oung Men: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study
Jongseok Hwang , PT, Ph.D.
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:31-41
Sarcopenic Obesity Frequency and Associated Risk Factors in Young Korean Women: A Comprehensive Cross-Sectional Analysis
Jongseok Hwang , PT, Ph.D.
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:43-51
Comparison of Thickness, Tension, and Activation of the Scm and Upper Trapezius Muscles According To The Pillow Height
Eun-mi KimㆍMin-gi ParkㆍEun-joung YuㆍDongyeop Lee, PT, PhDㆍJi-Heon Hong, PT, PhDㆍJae-Ho Yu, PT, PhDㆍJin-Seop Kim, PT, PhDㆍYeon Gyo Nam, PT, PhDㆍSeong-Gil Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:53-60
Effects of a Stretching Exercise Combined with Observation Training on Neck Alignment and Balance in Stroke Patients
Jeong-Il Kang, PT, PhDㆍSeung-Yun Baek , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:61-68
Comparison of the Effects of Applying Muscle Energy Techniques Versus Stretching Techniques to the Ankle Joint on Ankle Joint Range of Motion, Balance Ability and Gait Ability of Chronic Stroke Patients with Limited Ankle Dorsiflexion
Tae-hyeon Heo, PTㆍSuhn-yeop Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:69-79
Effects of Progressive Balance Training Exercise Programs with Whole Body Vibration on Pain, Function, Psychosocial Status, and Balance in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Sang-woo Yoon, PTㆍSuhn-yeop Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:81-94
Effect of a PNF Intervention Strategy with the ICF Tool Applied to a Patient with Bilateral Total Hip Replacement Walking a Crosswalk
Jin-cheol Kim PT, PhDㆍJae-heon Lim PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:95-105
The Effect of Myofascial Release and Cervical Traction on Pain, Range of Motion and the Neck Disability Index in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Young-Min Kim, PT, PhDㆍHo-Yong Shin , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:107-117
Effect of a Low-Intensity Combined Exercise Program using Props on the Daily Living Fitness and Quality of Life of Elderly Women
Hong-Gyun Lee, PT, PhDㆍEun-Jeong Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:119-129
The Effect of Task-Oriented Treadmill Training on Gait Function in Patients with Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Yong-Gu Han, PT, MSㆍMyoung-Kwon Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:131-142
Mapping between Musculoskeletal Patient-Reported Outcome Measures and KCF: Physical Therapy Perspective
Ju-Min Song , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:143-154
Effects of Gaze Stabilization Exercise and Cognitive Training on Balance and Gait in Subacute Stroke Patients: Randomized Controlled Trial
Hye-Ryeon Jang, PT, MSㆍYe-Ji Kim, PTㆍMyoung-Kwon Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:155-164
Journal of The Korean Society of Physical Medicine (KSPM) publishes critical information regarding on the physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Journal contains original article, case report related to clinical, translational, and basic science research. It was launched in 2006.......
Sun-Wook Park
Kangwon National University
The Effect of Trunk Stability Exercise on Balance and Gait in Stroke Patients
Ju-min Song, PT, PhD, Soo-min Kim, PT, PhD
The Analysis of severity of forward head posture with observation and photographic method
Han-suk Lee, PT, PhD⋅Hyung-kuk Chung, PT, PhD⋅Sun-wook Park, PT, M.S
Received June 28, 2015; Accepted July 20, 2015.
Inter-rater?absolute Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Tinetti-gait Scale (Korean version) in Stroke Patients
Seung-Heon An, PT, PhD, Dong-Geon Lee, PT, BS, Yun-Bok Lee, RN, PhD, Gyu-Chang Lee, PT, PhD
Received February 17, 2014; Accepted May 13, 2014.