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J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:1-122
Research Articles
Effect of Gaze Stabilization Exercise with Balance Exercise on Static and Dynamic Balance Function of H ealthy Y oung A dults: A R andomized Controlled Trial
Yi Wu, PT, MSㆍXing- HAN Zhou, PT, MSㆍYongbum Jung, PT, MSㆍMyoung-Kwon Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:1-16
Effect of Adding Ankle-Joint-Pumping Exercise to Gluteal-Muscle-Strengthening Exercise on Thigh Swelling, Gait ability and Pain level in Patients With Total Hip Arthroplasty
Hyun-gook Lee, PTㆍSuhn-yeop Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:17-28
Comparison of the Effects of Lumbar Stabilization Exercise According to the Presence or Absence of Gluteus Medius Muscle Weakness in Chronic Lower Back Pain Patients with Lumbar Instability
Dae-ho Kim PTㆍSuhn-yeop Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:29-45
Current Status and Prospects of Physical Therapy Services Using Telerehabilitation
Kyung-Tae Yoo , P.T., Ph.D
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:47-54
Effects of Robot-Assisted, Gait-Training-Combined Virtual Reality Training on the Balance and Gait Ability of Chronic Stroke Patients
Dong-Hoon Kim, PT, PhDㆍKyung-Hun Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:55-64
Effects of Kinesio Taping of Tibialis Anterior Combined with Cognitive Dual-Task Training on Balance and Gait Ability in Post-Stroke Patients
Jae-Yong Chol, PT, MScㆍKyung-Hun Kim , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:65-73
Physical Therapy Screening and Management for Individuals with Intellectual Disability: Focus on the Special Olympics FUNfitness
Chang-Ryeol Lee , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:75-89
Effects of Dual-Task Exercise on Breathing, Balance, and Activity of Daily Living in Stroke Patients
Hyun Choi, PT, PhDㆍYoung-Jun Moon, PT, PhDㆍSeung-Yun Baek , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:91-98
Analysis of Major Physical Health Conditions and Disabilities that Limit Activity in Later Stage Elderly
Hyo-Taek Lee, PhDㆍHyo-Lyun Roh , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:99-106
A Study on Sports Injuries in Korean National Sitting Volleyball Players
Chang-Ryeol Lee , PT, PhD
J Korean Soc Phys Med 2024;19:107-122
Journal of The Korean Society of Physical Medicine (KSPM) publishes critical information regarding on the physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Journal contains original article, case report related to clinical, translational, and basic science research. It was launched in 2006.......
Sun-Wook Park
Kangwon National University
The Effect of Trunk Stability Exercise on Balance and Gait in Stroke Patients
Ju-min Song, PT, PhD, Soo-min Kim, PT, PhD
The Analysis of severity of forward head posture with observation and photographic method
Han-suk Lee, PT, PhD⋅Hyung-kuk Chung, PT, PhD⋅Sun-wook Park, PT, M.S
Received June 28, 2015; Accepted July 20, 2015.
Inter-rater?absolute Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Tinetti-gait Scale (Korean version) in Stroke Patients
Seung-Heon An, PT, PhD, Dong-Geon Lee, PT, BS, Yun-Bok Lee, RN, PhD, Gyu-Chang Lee, PT, PhD
Received February 17, 2014; Accepted May 13, 2014.